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A European Army

We considered the following question: In 20 years, will there be war or peace?
There were different opinions so we decided to work on both the scenario of war and peace.

in war:

Civil war

If there was an European army, it would avoid some civil wars inside Europa. Consequently, the army could intervene quickly in countries and stop the conflict before it becomes more marked. Today, it is difficult for a country to intervene in an other state without the permission of the UN. With an European army, it would be easier to protect future victims.


Currently countries struggle separately against terrorist threats. A European army would frighten and deter terrorists to attack Europe. Terrorist leaders would work less effectively and that would make the dismantling of terrorist networks easier because countries are united in a common goal. So with time, terrorists threats will fall under the action of the European army.

In peace:

Even in time of peace, the European army will always have a big role in the external policy of europe. The European army will be stronger than US army so Europe won't any under us decision. Because alone , the European’s country can't contradict Usa decision. This power could give the possibility for the European army could go to perfom it without the agreement of the USA

If there was an european army, it woul'd avoid some civil wars inside Europa. Consequently, the army coul'd intervene quickly in countries and stop the conflict before it becomes more marked. Today, it is difficult for a country to intervene in an other state without ONU´s permission. With an european army, the intervention woul'd be easier to go protect future victims.

In a time of peace in 2020, the humanitarian mission ordered by the army will be more frequently for maintain the peace after a disaster. For example, after a flood, they will help population by giving clothes, food and shelter.

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Authors: Elie Thomas (France), florian desbordes (France), marie lestang (France), orlane lebas (France), Patrick Spielvogel (Germany), Prats Agnes (France), rafael couvreur (France)


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Tine , Germany

Very interesting ideas! I have a couple of questions:
Who is going to finance the army? Who is going to command the army? How would the financial contribution relate to the control a country has over the army? Is the training for soldiers and officers going to take place on a European level or do countries remain in control of their national armies and then dispatch troops for EU use? What will happen to France\'s and GB\'s seats on the UNSC?
Where in Europe do you see civil wars in the near future? What about civil wars outside the EU? Does having a bigger army than the US mean you would act unilaterally and without UN approval? How are you planning to outspend the US on her army? Is it even necessary to have a bigger army than the US to not be dependent on Washington? Did France and Germany not decide to stay out of the Iraq war?
Does the army include an intelligence service or how otherwise would you combat terrorism?

03.05.2013, 16:18 o'clock

Karsten / think europe, Germany

Very ambitious vision. Military policy is always a very sensitive topic. For the nation states it is very crucial to have their own army as a symbol of strength but also for the real purpose of using what an army is supposed to use for. That is why I\'m pretty sceptic that there wil be one European army with the national ones. Anyway to have such an army could reduced costs and such an European army might be more effective in times of crisis.

Do you really want the European army doing the job the US army is currently doing in world affairs?

03.05.2013, 12:30 o'clock

Yann, France

I personally think the idea of one common European army is great. It is the only way for Europe to still play any role on the global scale, national armies are simply too small and the military investment of the EU\'s member states too restricted to make a difference.
But I would suppose that some countries have a problem with the idea of giving up their national armies and military traditions, my own country France included! And would a European army take on the atomic weapons of the UK and France or become a model for atomic disarmament for the rest of the world? I would hope so!

03.05.2013, 12:25 o'clock

Anna, Spain

It's great to see the ideas you came up with!

I'd like to think that we will live in a more peaceful world in 20 years but you name some very relevant roles that a European army could fulfil in case of a conflict. Still, I hope that the EU will not become a competitor to the United Nations in sending its own peace missions without a mandate from the Security Council.

There is one fundamental fact that your vision is not clear on: Do you think that there will only be one European army in 20 years in place of today's national armies? Or will national armies continue to exist and the European army comes together in times of crisis? I'm very curious to see your answer!

03.05.2013, 12:13 o'clock

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