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The economic future of the European Union

There have been huge differences among European countries since the Middle Ages. We can mention religious or financial opposites, they've always played important role in the history of the Europen continent. The last enormous changes were in 1945 and at the end of the 80's.

We are living in a very big community, called European Union. It has 27 member countries, a lot of them have the same kind of currency. However there are two (a positive and a negative) utopias about the EU's future.

Europe has developed and undeveloped countries. These undeveloped countries's biggest problems are the unenployement, the low payments and the relative high prices and the lack of workplaces. While these differences are on the top, there is the chance of a huge losing that could be caused by "smaller"(financial) countries. If the EU's gets fall, the little countries have no chance to stay in the competition with the huge states, since in the East and West there are much bigger financial cooperation.

But, if we can stay together as a really cooperative union, than we can have chance to keep up the competition with the USA or China if we're able to work in a closly cooperation as the mentioned. It means that the border lines should be ended up and the European Union should work as a big, strong country. However it's so hard because in Europe there are too much cultures, but at the same time the lack of education is also a serious problem. Some nation (for example of their history) can't stand each other.

The condition of this close cooperation is that every countries use the same currency. The Euro is quite strong, but nothing keeps forever (Murphy said:,,What can go bad, that'll goes.").

We're responsible for the future of Europe. So we have to make the relation better among the countries and must be as cooperative and opened for new things as it's possible.


As we wrote, we have two visions:

Vision I.
The fall of the EU

The economy recession continues, some countries being in economical crisis will fall, such as Greece, Cyprus. This process will cause the fall of other countries like Spain.
The developed countries won't be able to compensate the things went wrong. The EU will collapse. After that certain countries'll have to cope with the pressure caused by other economical powers.

Vision II.
The United States of Europe
The common work will be successful, by an ordering collective economy system the EU'll be able to stand it's place in the world economy. By this we can take the countries to the same economy level. It makes the end up of the opposites of European nations easier.

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Authors: Bánszki Csongor (Hungary), Bence Plósz (Hungary), Gregor Gregorc (Slovenia), Jan Vidovič (Slovenia), Jernej Majcen (Slovenia), Mátyás Pusztai (Hungary), Peitl Péter (Hungary), Szűcs Gábor (Hungary), Žan Čander (Slovenia)


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Dr.Gyurcsik András, Hungary

The EU will survive this crises,but some country will be out of euro zone!The fiscal system of EU could be change,and a lot of countries must be work more and harder for the success of the EU.I think Germany shapes the course of this attitude!

03.05.2013, 18:33 o'clock

Dr. Horváth Dóra, Hungary

Sziasztok !

Véleményem szerint át Európai Unió léte nagyban meghatározza az " Öreg Kontinens" jövőjét, ezért hatalmas korunk emberének a felelőssége. Vigyáznunk kell arra a törékeny egyensúlyra amely a nemzetek együttműködésén, egymással szembeni toleranciáján alapszik.

03.05.2013, 18:25 o'clock

Experts opinion from Jan Ottrand, Germany
Vision: vision_

I wonder if there is not a third way between the two extremes:

I really doubt that something like a european national state is achievable in the near future, the cultures are just too different there are far too many different languages and - first of all - there is no european \"demos\", meaning a european society or european citizenship.

The original idea founded by the \"Father of Europe\" Jean Monnet was to integrate the Union institution by institution and step by step. And for several decades that worked preety well.
If you focus on the main part that has to work inside a currency union and make sure that the members don´t diverge too far by a supranational body, a single currency could indeed work without the USE. That´s what I think

03.05.2013, 17:14 o'clock

Imre Szűcs, Hungary


I am very optimist,and I think that the EU will survive this crises and stay.
I hope that the stronger countries of EU will help for EU and for other smaller countries of EU, for example Hungary.

Best regards,

03.05.2013, 13:10 o'clock

Peti, Hungary

I think the EU shouldn't be functioning as one big country. The different cultures wouldn't allow it, especially in the Eastern parts. Personally, I wouldn't be so happy if in the future a mighty European Government would tell us everything what to do. There are more or less sovereign countries in the EU, and this is nice so. None of the member states should give up their autonomy.

03.05.2013, 11:11 o'clock


Hi guys!

I think the EU will survive this crises and stay but I'm not sure if they will be able to stand it's place in the world economy. Maybe the EU will go down and slowly but together.

03.05.2013, 10:17 o'clock

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