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Media in 20 years

Today, the media rules the world. What about the next 20 years from now?
To begin with, it would be a good idea to create a European tv channel, a European radio station and a European newspaper. That would make information easily accessible for everyone. But in this way, the media will have a much bigger influence on the inhabitants of the European Union. However, this phenomenon might have a negative effect on the Europeans.
Moreover, the technologic progress would ensure more advanced electronic devices in every household. People would have the possibility to watch tv programmes in 3D, without having to wear glasses. This way, the spread of ideas would quick up, and the different cultures of Europe would be in a closer contact with each other. The concept of a united Europe will reach you independent from culture, age and gender.
Furthermore, the number of soap operas and realities will increase. A European reality programme is most likely to be made. This tv show would promote mutual understanding among the European citizens coming from various cultural backgrounds. This would raise people's awareness of the importance of cooperation of the EU countries. Nevertheless, people would most probably be interested in a new kind of reality show.
As for the internet, the recent website '' will grow into a huge social network known all over Europe. This website will be especially useful for those who want to make international friends. Even though one doesn't have the chance to visit a country, he or she will still be able communicate with people of the same age group from all over Europe. This will connect everybody who wants to be a part of an excellent community.
Nowadays, Facebook is a medium of communication. However, the problem is that journalists will write for internet newspapers only. Real newspapers might become extinct and everybody will be given the chance to add some shorter articles to online newspapers. In a way, this makes the spread of false information easier as well. At the same time, more journalists will be given jobs at online newspapers, too, which will be available in the form of smartphone applications as well.
Finally, the media would undergo some changes in the future, but it will have some similar aspects as well. Media would promote diversity and multiculturalism in Europe.

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Autoren: Ádám Rapcsák (Ungarn), Alex NOIRET (Frankreich), Anna Ksiazczak (Tschechien), Anna Kurth (Frankreich), Diane ADAM (Frankreich), Eszter Kozar (Ungarn), Guillaume Surmont (Frankreich), Gyöngyi Csacsovszki (Ungarn), KUOCH Thomas (Frankreich), Lauriane Marzan (Frankreich), Petra Montovay (Ungarn)


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Baas caroline, france

De belles perspectives, effectivement. Peut-être que certains d' entre vous pourront directement s\'investir dans ces projets dans les années à venir... et promouvoir une opinion europénne!
Bravo à tous pour ces belles reflexions et à bientôt.

03.05.2013, 19:50 Uhr

christine hoock, France

Voilà des idées très riches et une vision bien optimiste de notre avenir médiatique.
C'est rassurant de voir que la communication est au centre de vos projets.
Un travail ambitieux et intéressant

03.05.2013, 17:12 Uhr

Experten-Meinung von Alexander Matschke, Germany
Vision: vision_

Dear Ádám, Alex, Anna, Anna, Diane, Eszter, Guillaume, Gyöngyi, Thomas, Lauriane and Petra,

thank you very much for your common vision on media in Europe 20 years from now. Great work!
I found it an extremely interesting text.

Of course, it is kind of a hard task to vision developments in such an extensive time frame.
20 years is a lot of time, but you managed to raise a couple of important points.

Let me first of all go into your idea of Europe-wide media outlets.
In my opinion, this is generally a good idea. A publicly funded European tv network

could freshen European debates and contribute to a better understanding of EU politics.
You nonetheless mentioned a crucial problem. It might have a \"big influence on citizens\".
That is certainly true, it therefore would have, in my opinion, to be ensured that it provide a fair

and accurate coverage responsive to citizen\'s needs.
Furthermore, it would also have to be ensured that such
European media are not unduly influenced by politics.

I\'m not sure whether the spread of ideas will be increased by technological progress, such as 3D television, alone.

However, media certainly can contribute to a better mutual understanding among fellow European citizens - a better understanding of our different lives and experiences across the continent. And: why should well made, interesting and cool soap operas not be part of that?

You also mentioned the internet and especially social networking sites.
I also imagine online communication becoming almost certainly more important in upcoming years.

Not last when it comes to distributing news and current affairs, and to discussing issues of public concern.

I especially appreciated your concern about professional journalistic standards in an online environment.

I would suggest that such standards - accuracy, fairness etc - have to be upheld irrespective of medium or technology.

In conclusion, I think your text was very thoughtful and elaborate.

It has been a pleasure to comment on it. By the way: on 3rd May is World Press Freedom Day.

Take care,


03.05.2013, 10:36 Uhr

Jack, Poland

Nice view of nearest future. Just now, real newspapers slowly disappear and internet becomes main source of information. I only hope that importance of soap operas and realities will not increase and we will have opportunity to choice more smart and intelligence programs.

02.05.2013, 09:57 Uhr

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