Steve Valentine, England
Vision: Soziales

The population rate in Europe is growing at un sustainable levels. Our resources and infrustucture is already at breaking point in the UK and most advanced member states. The Internet bubble will burst as people realise that alot of the tecnology now being developed is there justto create revenue from pointless apps etch.

04.05.2013, 17:41 Uhr

Steve Valentine, England
Vision: Reise

Global warming, climate change. it is all a complete myth to create heavy taxation to support thegravy train of the political elite. There is no basis for global warming, never ever been proved. Our weather systems are not changing as a result of our intervention. The EU need to stop these taxes on us, it is a completly bogus tax. The EU need to stick to facts, which they have none to support climate change

04.05.2013, 17:38 Uhr

Steve Valentine, England
Vision: Währung

A single currency cannot work in different member states. Each economy of each member state are very different, with wage levels, Goverment cost's etch. The Euro has been a huge failure however the EU refuse to give up on it.

04.05.2013, 17:33 Uhr

Baas caroline, france
Vision: Medien

De belles perspectives, effectivement. Peut-être que certains d' entre vous pourront directement s\'investir dans ces projets dans les années à venir... et promouvoir une opinion europénne!
Bravo à tous pour ces belles reflexions et à bientôt.

03.05.2013, 19:50 Uhr

Simon Robert, Austria
Vision: Reise

Es ist eine sehr interessante Frage, wie rasch die alternativ getriebene Fahrzeuge und Mobilitaet in Europa in der Zukunft sich entwickelt. Viele grosse Autobauer, wie Volkswagen und BMW investieren und entwickeln sehr gute Konzepte, die mit ganz wehnig Sprit (1-3 Liter / km) fahren. Der Toyota Konzern ist der Weltmarktführer von Hybridautos und mit dem Prius haben Sie schon Geschichte geschrieben.

03.05.2013, 18:35 Uhr

Dr.Gyurcsik András, Hungary
Vision: Wirtschaft

The EU will survive this crises,but some country will be out of euro zone!The fiscal system of EU could be change,and a lot of countries must be work more and harder for the success of the EU.I think Germany shapes the course of this attitude!

03.05.2013, 18:33 Uhr

Dr. Horváth Dóra, Hungary
Vision: Wirtschaft

Sziasztok !

Véleményem szerint át Európai Unió léte nagyban meghatározza az " Öreg Kontinens" jövőjét, ezért hatalmas korunk emberének a felelőssége. Vigyáznunk kell arra a törékeny egyensúlyra amely a nemzetek együttműködésén, egymással szembeni toleranciáján alapszik.

03.05.2013, 18:25 Uhr

Orsolya Simon, Hungary
Vision: Reise

Hi everyone!I think saveing our planet is one of the most importent thing, and we can help it with environmentally-friendly transportation (travelling by electric car, riding by bikes). I hope that we will live in a more environmentally conscious Europe!

03.05.2013, 17:35 Uhr

Experten-Meinung von Jan Ottrand, Germany
Vision: Reise

I´m also very excited to see how we will travel in the near future, it is hard to overestimate the fortune our generation has, as there are for the citizens no noticeable borders between the countries of the EU.

It is hard to say, if the electric car is really on the advance, as the technology has still - after these many years of development - so many problems. And petrol cars are becoming increasingly efficient.

Of course it would be great to see an environment-friendly was to travel and transport, but I think it still needs to be invented ;)

03.05.2013, 17:25 Uhr

Experten-Meinung von Jan Ottrand, Germany
Vision: Wirtschaft

I wonder if there is not a third way between the two extremes:

I really doubt that something like a european national state is achievable in the near future, the cultures are just too different there are far too many different languages and - first of all - there is no european \"demos\", meaning a european society or european citizenship.

The original idea founded by the \"Father of Europe\" Jean Monnet was to integrate the Union institution by institution and step by step. And for several decades that worked preety well.
If you focus on the main part that has to work inside a currency union and make sure that the members don´t diverge too far by a supranational body, a single currency could indeed work without the USE. That´s what I think

03.05.2013, 17:14 Uhr

christine hoock, France
Vision: Medien

Voilà des idées très riches et une vision bien optimiste de notre avenir médiatique.
C'est rassurant de voir que la communication est au centre de vos projets.
Un travail ambitieux et intéressant

03.05.2013, 17:12 Uhr

Marie, Česká republika
Vision: Soziales

Každá nová věc, každý vynález se dá využít dobře i špatně.
Facebook je výborný pro navazování přátelství - i mezinárodních. Co se týká soudržnosti rodiny - neškodilo by, kdyby se i současná generace zase vrátila k náboženství, které je jedním ze základů naší evropské kultury a podnítilo vznik mnoha cenných uměleckých děl.

03.05.2013, 16:31 Uhr

Tine , Germany
Vision: Militär

Very interesting ideas! I have a couple of questions:
Who is going to finance the army? Who is going to command the army? How would the financial contribution relate to the control a country has over the army? Is the training for soldiers and officers going to take place on a European level or do countries remain in control of their national armies and then dispatch troops for EU use? What will happen to France\'s and GB\'s seats on the UNSC?
Where in Europe do you see civil wars in the near future? What about civil wars outside the EU? Does having a bigger army than the US mean you would act unilaterally and without UN approval? How are you planning to outspend the US on her army? Is it even necessary to have a bigger army than the US to not be dependent on Washington? Did France and Germany not decide to stay out of the Iraq war?
Does the army include an intelligence service or how otherwise would you combat terrorism?

03.05.2013, 16:18 Uhr

Tine, Germany
Vision: Bildung

Great program, a lot of interesting ideas. The idea to make Vorschule compulsory is particularly strong. I was just wondering how you envision the future of sciences and arts in education. You did not mention it as one of the 4 pillars in Grundschule. Are you planning to start it once student go to college?

03.05.2013, 16:09 Uhr

Christiana, Italy
Vision: Soziales

Nice Text, I think so too.

03.05.2013, 15:26 Uhr

Christine Hoock, Frankreich
Vision: Bildung

Schön, was ihr bearbeitet habt. Gibt so richtig Lust wieder mit der Schule anzufangen!!!

03.05.2013, 14:08 Uhr

Imre Szűcs, Hungary
Vision: Wirtschaft


I am very optimist,and I think that the EU will survive this crises and stay.
I hope that the stronger countries of EU will help for EU and for other smaller countries of EU, for example Hungary.

Best regards,

03.05.2013, 13:10 Uhr

Ondřej, Czech republic
Vision: Politik

In my opinion, the Europe don´t wait the good future. If we´ll speak one language, it will Arabic. The immigration is a very big problem in rich states on the west of Europe (GB, France, Belgium, Netherland, Germany and in Scandinavia, too). But politicians don´t talk about it. African and Muslims have many more children in their families than original Europeans.

The second big problem in the Europe is the industry. It wakens and more and more things are made in China and other poor states. Now the industry of a lot of states in the Europe stands on the production of cars. This isn´t a good to the progress. We must develop new technologies and also produce it.

03.05.2013, 12:39 Uhr

Karsten / think europe, Germany
Vision: Militär

Very ambitious vision. Military policy is always a very sensitive topic. For the nation states it is very crucial to have their own army as a symbol of strength but also for the real purpose of using what an army is supposed to use for. That is why I\'m pretty sceptic that there wil be one European army with the national ones. Anyway to have such an army could reduced costs and such an European army might be more effective in times of crisis.

Do you really want the European army doing the job the US army is currently doing in world affairs?

03.05.2013, 12:30 Uhr

Yann, France
Vision: Militär

I personally think the idea of one common European army is great. It is the only way for Europe to still play any role on the global scale, national armies are simply too small and the military investment of the EU\'s member states too restricted to make a difference.
But I would suppose that some countries have a problem with the idea of giving up their national armies and military traditions, my own country France included! And would a European army take on the atomic weapons of the UK and France or become a model for atomic disarmament for the rest of the world? I would hope so!

03.05.2013, 12:25 Uhr

Anna, Spain
Vision: Militär

It's great to see the ideas you came up with!

I'd like to think that we will live in a more peaceful world in 20 years but you name some very relevant roles that a European army could fulfil in case of a conflict. Still, I hope that the EU will not become a competitor to the United Nations in sending its own peace missions without a mandate from the Security Council.

There is one fundamental fact that your vision is not clear on: Do you think that there will only be one European army in 20 years in place of today's national armies? Or will national armies continue to exist and the European army comes together in times of crisis? I'm very curious to see your answer!

03.05.2013, 12:13 Uhr

Julie G., France
Vision: Währung


talking about Euro: breaking news! The Europa series is being introduced across the euro area as of 2013. The new banknotes are to be introduced gradually over several years, in ascending order. The denominations remain unchanged: €5, €10, €20, €50, €100, €200 and €500.

On 10 January 2013 Mario Draghi, President of the ECB, unveiled the new €5 banknote at the Archaeological Museum in Frankfurt am Main. The new €5 banknote came into circulation on 2 May 2013 (yesterday though!).

The ECB and the national central banks of the Eurosystem are conducting an information campaign about the Europa series and the new €5 banknote. It aims to help the public recognise the new note and its security features.


03.05.2013, 11:51 Uhr

Milo, France
Vision: Bildung

Hi Harriet !

I'm worried to that Erasmus programm will maybe end. I've already made a few exchanges and it's very enriching.

03.05.2013, 11:18 Uhr

Peti, Hungary
Vision: Wirtschaft

I think the EU shouldn't be functioning as one big country. The different cultures wouldn't allow it, especially in the Eastern parts. Personally, I wouldn't be so happy if in the future a mighty European Government would tell us everything what to do. There are more or less sovereign countries in the EU, and this is nice so. None of the member states should give up their autonomy.

03.05.2013, 11:11 Uhr

Experten-Meinung von Leonie Martin, The Netherlands
Vision: Politik

What strikes me most in your vision is that it concentrates on the political culture (the role of the internet and the role of a lingua franca) and deals with the division of competences, who gets to decide on what, on a side note.

While I agree that the internet will be more influential in the upcoming years, I think your ideas on the languages are a brave step. I\'m not sure yet whether English should be the official language for all documents in a country but your point on bilingual education is a very valid one. Languages are a key instrument to enable exchange between the European people. You carefully point out that the mother tongue should be spoken as well, which I fully support.

I would love to hear your opinion on the democratic deficit in the European Union and how this challenge will be transformed in the future.

03.05.2013, 11:05 Uhr

Jacques, Belgium
Vision: Ernährung

Well, I certainly hope we will still eat 'normal' food in 20 years. Chemically produced food with concentrated nutritive elements sounds more like a bad dream than a shiny bright future to me!

But I actually see things moving in a greener direction. Conserving our environment, consuming in a sustainable manner and eating regional products that are in season is more and more established as 'the way to go'. If there were more investment from governments, in particular the EU, in green agriculture and research & development, things could look even GREENER.

03.05.2013, 11:01 Uhr

Martin, Czech Republic
Vision: Soziales

It depends on education and society, whether Europe will slowly die out or will grow on its rich history. Improving relationship among European nations is very important and internet helps to overcome distances between people. However, thanks to its, people do not need to meet together or visit each other. Personal contacts between peoples and nations are very important and needs to be supported and strengthened.

03.05.2013, 10:58 Uhr

Harriet, United Kingdom
Vision: Bildung

Great work! I would very much like to see more harmonised curricula in Europe, especially because I see education playing a major role in fostering a European identity. Exchange programmes, for university students but also for young professionals or sixth-form students are in my opinion the best example for how to plant the European idea in young people's minds - and this from myself, a proud member of the 'Generation Erasmus, Easyjet and Ryanair' :)

Which is why I seriously worry about rumours that the EU\'s funding for exchange programmes might be cut significantly in the next budget!!

03.05.2013, 10:41 Uhr

Experten-Meinung von Alexander Matschke, Germany
Vision: Medien

Dear Ádám, Alex, Anna, Anna, Diane, Eszter, Guillaume, Gyöngyi, Thomas, Lauriane and Petra,

thank you very much for your common vision on media in Europe 20 years from now. Great work!
I found it an extremely interesting text.

Of course, it is kind of a hard task to vision developments in such an extensive time frame.
20 years is a lot of time, but you managed to raise a couple of important points.

Let me first of all go into your idea of Europe-wide media outlets.
In my opinion, this is generally a good idea. A publicly funded European tv network

could freshen European debates and contribute to a better understanding of EU politics.
You nonetheless mentioned a crucial problem. It might have a \"big influence on citizens\".
That is certainly true, it therefore would have, in my opinion, to be ensured that it provide a fair

and accurate coverage responsive to citizen\'s needs.
Furthermore, it would also have to be ensured that such
European media are not unduly influenced by politics.

I\'m not sure whether the spread of ideas will be increased by technological progress, such as 3D television, alone.

However, media certainly can contribute to a better mutual understanding among fellow European citizens - a better understanding of our different lives and experiences across the continent. And: why should well made, interesting and cool soap operas not be part of that?

You also mentioned the internet and especially social networking sites.
I also imagine online communication becoming almost certainly more important in upcoming years.

Not last when it comes to distributing news and current affairs, and to discussing issues of public concern.

I especially appreciated your concern about professional journalistic standards in an online environment.

I would suggest that such standards - accuracy, fairness etc - have to be upheld irrespective of medium or technology.

In conclusion, I think your text was very thoughtful and elaborate.

It has been a pleasure to comment on it. By the way: on 3rd May is World Press Freedom Day.

Take care,


03.05.2013, 10:36 Uhr

Experten-Meinung von Anselm Sellen, Germany
Vision: Politik

What about language as part of identity. Will languages not die out very slowly, if the only language you need to get along is English? The coming generations will probably learn that it is no longer necessary to stick to their \"mother tongue\"...???

03.05.2013, 10:34 Uhr

A single currency is indeed a good thing in theory, but it doesn't vouch for eternal problems-free economy. The currency is a tool only, and tools needs to be used correctly in order to be effective.

As the euro-crisis has shown, this tool was not being used correctly by some countries; but, at the same time, the optimum conditions for the single currency were not in place either.

Now it seems that we all know that a single currency needs a true economic union in order to be effective (including a fiscal union and a banking union, for instance).

The success of the single currency will depend on our capacity to achieving a true and well-functioning economic union within a reasonable time. If we succeed - as I hope we will - I am confident that not only more countries will join the Euro, but also that we will all benefit a lot more from the single currency.

03.05.2013, 10:26 Uhr

Vision: Wirtschaft

Hi guys!

I think the EU will survive this crises and stay but I'm not sure if they will be able to stand it's place in the world economy. Maybe the EU will go down and slowly but together.

03.05.2013, 10:17 Uhr

Ucko, Chechnya
Vision: Soziales

Imho se bude muset změnit používání sociálních sítí, identity bude nutné skrývat, Fejkovat, dávat si bacha na propojení účtů, prostě underground.

pro začátek. A pak jít do undergroundu zcela. A začít používat Tor. http://cs.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tor_(software)

03.05.2013, 10:15 Uhr

Martin, Czech Republic
Vision: Soziales

It depends on education and society, whether Europe will slowly die out or will grow on its rich history. Improving relationship among European nations is very important and internet helps to overcome distances between people. However, thanks to its, people do not need to meet together or visit each other. Personal contacts between peoples and nations are very important and needs to be supported and strengthened.

03.05.2013, 10:10 Uhr

K15, Czech Republic
Vision: Soziales

as for the immigration - Europe should be open for people, who are willing to integrate into the society, who do not want to destroy the Europinan cultural traditions.
as for the Internet and lost of privacy - it is everyone\'s responsibility to protect their own privacy. Sometimes people write on a social network secrets, they would not tell to their parents or children. Internet helps to communicate, but it is up to us, what information we will share.

03.05.2013, 09:17 Uhr

Milos, Czech Republic
Vision: Soziales

interesting reflection

03.05.2013, 09:16 Uhr

Beata Bajdik, Hungary
Vision: Währung

The common currency is necessary for EU. If we want to have strong euro, we need strong economical nations. This is the reason why it is very important to enhance the power of the states with weak economy. We can reach this aim, if the states in EU have common political will, common leadership, in that way, that the national interest should damage the less. The EU hasn't an other possibility.

02.05.2013, 22:15 Uhr

Viktor, Hungary
Vision: Reise

In my opinion, the disappearance of visible borders in Europe has made travelling faster and easier. It was kind of disturbing when we had to stop our journey for several hours due to the drawling passport supervision. Although, travelling has become faster and improved at the pace of speedlight, public awareness should be raised about dangerous gas emission and the environmental crisis that is caused by the huge growth of the transportation.

02.05.2013, 21:44 Uhr

Experten-Meinung von Jan Ottrand, Germany
Vision: Währung

I agree with you that the single currency was intended to create a "free area" and to promote the integration of the continent. And it actually made things easier for the people and the companies as well, as volatile exchange rates pose risks when they trade with companies from other european countries. So the intention was also to promote trade and efficiency in the european supply chains.

I would like to share your modest optimism about the future of the Euro, but unfortunately I can´t, as I don´t see it becoming stronger. The causes of the eurocrisis are in my perception still not even discussed in brussels and berlin.

Some people also argue that if one country leaves the euro, many more will quickly follow and let the eurozone collapse eventually.
But maybe I´m too pessimistic ;).

02.05.2013, 21:16 Uhr

Éva, Hungary
Vision: Soziales

I agree.

02.05.2013, 15:56 Uhr

Tamás Bodgál, Hungary
Vision: Reise

Hi Guys!
Your composition is absolutely cool!I would be very happy, if I can reduce the usage of cars running with petrol. I am supporting the environment friendly transportation and I love to try the space travel (e.g. to the Mars)

02.05.2013, 10:25 Uhr

Jack, Poland
Vision: Medien

Nice view of nearest future. Just now, real newspapers slowly disappear and internet becomes main source of information. I only hope that importance of soap operas and realities will not increase and we will have opportunity to choice more smart and intelligence programs.

02.05.2013, 09:57 Uhr

Tamás Bodgál, Hungary
Vision: Reise

Hi Guys!
Your composition is absolutely cool!I would be very happy, if I can reduce the usage of cars running with petrol. I am supporting the environment friendly transportation and I love to try the space travel (e.g. to the Mars)

02.05.2013, 09:34 Uhr

Bodo, Germany
Vision: Reise

At first: I don't think there will ever be aliens on our planet. Especially not as space tourists. But I am happy to be able to travel almost around Europe without visable borders. So sometimes (e.g. in the Netherlands :) ) I can at least feel like an alien.

01.05.2013, 21:11 Uhr

Bodo, Germany
Vision: Soziales

The internet is a good devil. That is not really a breaking news. However every person should be able to decide how far he or she wants to go. And I am always happy to see that even young people think about that.

I am not afraid of the internet, a so you should not be either. If it really scares me , I just switch it off.

01.05.2013, 21:03 Uhr

Benjamin Szamosfalvi, Hungary
Vision: Währung

Using Euro, or common currency permits people to buy things in other countries without having to change currency. This is also be beneficial, since the exchange rates don't matter in this scenario.
However, there most likely are companies or certain individuals that make a living off the exchange rate differences and changes, so implementing common currency might not serve the benefit of all people, and they might react in different ways.

Also, by the things the media airs towards us, I get the impression that changing the country's currency is actually a quite hard and cumbersome process. The requirements of being allowed to use Euro are difficult to reach for smaller, not rich countries. Therefore it will take a LOT of time to introduce Euro in more and more countries, but it is not impossible.

01.05.2013, 18:54 Uhr

Simonné Sári Mária, Hungary
Vision: Reise

I agree with your idea! Travelling is the most important thing nowadays. Usage electricity and new energy forms (for example sun energy) by cars, buses and trains will give us a more environment friendly transportation. I hope travelling will be safer cheaper and faster than now in 20 years. It would be fantastic to visit other planets!

01.05.2013, 17:28 Uhr