A day in Bonn

03.05.2013, 13:26 Uhr:

Our day in Bonn started in the office of European Commission. We had a seminar about the EU and about the institutions of the EU. It was interesting because we have been discussing our visions about EU the whole week. It gave us a truthworthy picture of the recent political and economic situation in Europe . After the seminar, we went to the German historical museum. We had a guided tour in the museum. We were given the possibility to see German history in chronical order. When the tour was over, we had some freetime so we could go to have lunch or just enjoy the nice weather in the park. After spending some hours in the exciting shopping streets of Bonn, we finally took a seat in our buses. We were really exhausted after this long trip in the former capital of Western Germany. When we arrived in Bad Marienberg in the evening, the entire group was really tired. Everybody went to bed early in order to get prepared for the last day of the seminar.

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